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The South Australian Home Battery Scheme is an initiative led by the State Government, to offer all South Australian’s an exciting opportunity to adopt ground-breaking, money-saving, battery technology into their homes.

Under the Scheme, up to 40,000 South Australian households will be able to access $100 million in State Government subsidies for the Battery component of a new system up to maximum of $6,000.

(IMPORTANT UPDATE: The maximum subsidy is now $2,000. This battery rebate is a limited time offer by the State Government and will continue to be phased down as uptake of the scheme continues.)

In addition, another $100 million is being made available in loans through the Commonwealth Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation to assist with the cost of the installation of the remainder of the Home Battery System.

The subsidy is based on the kilowatt hour capacity of the Battery component and is calculated as follows:

Energy Concession Holder: $250/kw Hour

All other Households: $150/kw Hour

Minimum technical requirements for battery systems have been developed under the scheme to ensure the batteries are safe, reliable and capable of being linked into a virtual power plant.

The ability to aggregate home battery systems – either now or at a future point in time – creates opportunities to address network issues and smooth loads by balancing out peak power demands.

Households are able to choose whether or not their home battery system operates as part of a virtual power plant.

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